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My Five Seasons
February 1, 2023, 11:53 pm
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To start, Happy Birthday to my son!  He’s forty today.  I’m not sure how that happened.  Just brought him home from the hospital a few days ago (or so its seems).  It also means that I’m….never mind.

As the title of this entry states, I recognize five seasons – spring, summer, fall, winter and tax. Well, tax season has officially started.  I know this because my sleep is disrupted by weird dreams and a brain that won’t shut off.  Sunday night I dreamt that a friend and I had inherited a ski lodge but couldn’t decide what to do with it. Weird.

This morning I’m up at 3am writing this!  Plus, the minute the cat thinks I’m awake, (don’t know if my breathing changes or what) she’s after me to get up and fix breakfast.  On principle, I refuse to open the kitchen until 5 am, so I’ll be getting the stink eye for a couple of hours. She and I aren’t getting along too well lately as she has taken to running off when I want to give her her meds.   I refuse to give chase. She needs to have her thyroid checked before they will refill her prescription again and they need her to have taken all of her doses for at least a week before they can test her. 

As I was lying in bed, random thought generator spewing out stuff, I went over what is in the fridge that really must be used up this week.

  1. I have several old carrots that have migrated to the bottom of the veg bin.  I’ll share those with the cows this morning since most are too small to do anything with.
  2. I have some celery that is getting limp.  I’ll cut that up and put it in some water to revive it and take it in my lunches with peanut butter or cream cheese
  3. Cream cheese that has been portioned to use in my thumbprint cooky recipe – bake thumbprint cookies on Saturday
  4. A steak that didn’t get cooked up on Sunday.  That is an expensive piece of meat, so MUST NOT let this go to waste.
  5. Bag salad from Sunday that didn’t get eaten
  6. 1 serving of egg drop soup, the last of the Chinese takeout – in my lunch
  7. Cheese pizza from Sunday dinner that the grandkids didn’t eat – in my lunch
  8. Part of a pork chop – probably in my lunch
  9. 5 water glassed eggs that I pulled out of the brine.  I either need to use them in peanut butter cookies or mix them with fresh eggs for a scramble.
  10. Butter cream frosting – could make some sugar cookies and frost them.

The main problem with baking to use up fridge ingredients right now is that on top of the high price of eggs, butter is also high. Everything that I bake would probably have to be frozen (we’re still working on birthday cake from my birthday) and cookies are usually the way to go there.

In the pantry I really need to use up the last of the store bought cookies as they are getting rather dry and stale. I packed a few in my lunch yesterday and dunked them in my tea. I tossed some pumpkin seeds that I had roasted.  They had gone off.  I’ll keep them in the freezer in the future. We’re almost out of potato chips, so I’m trying to think up a homemade substitute for those.  H like to take them in his lunch.  I find that after the first day the bag is open, they get kind of stale and greasy tasting. I do have lots of potatoes, so maybe I’ll play with that this weekend (if my brain hasn’t come up with a hundred other things to do instead).

See – my brain took me rambling off topic.  What does tax season do to me?  Well, I work 48 – 50 hours a week instead of the regular 40.  I work Saturday mornings which is ok since H works every other Saturday morning anyway.  But since I get home later (plunged back into driving home in the dark), my projects at home tend to be neglected for 10 weeks. Strangely, when I get up at 3 am H likes to keep sleeping, so I can’t do anything that makes noise.  I can read or work on a craft project or write a blog entry, but not much else. I can manage to brew coffee without waking him, but I do have a tendency to make a bit of a clatter if I rummage around in the kitchen too long.  If I were here alone, I’d be running the vacuum and the washing machine and baking, mixer running, oven door opening and closing, etc.

At the other end of the day I sometimes go to bed right after dinner, which leaves poor H in the living room watching Youtube videos on his tablet with his earphones. So one of us tiptoes around early and the other late. 

Sorry no pictures today, but maybe tomorrow.  It’s the start of a new month tomorrow.  Where the heck did January go?

Happy Birthday J1!!

~ Carol


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