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Starting the new year
January 7, 2009, 4:39 pm
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For about 3 months now, I have been following the blogs of some very inspiring zero-wasters.  I won’t name them now, without their permission, but it got me thinking not only about trash, but about where my money is going and how much of it is spent on items and/or packaging that just get thrown away.

So, my journey began in September and I made small changes, never thinking that I would be a blogger.  Now, I figure, why not! 

Anyway, a certain other blogger (to be named later) has been doing a tremendous job of collecting and tracking his trash for the last year.  He challenged others to do the same for a one week period during the month of January.  I had been doing a good job of cutting back, or so I thought until I started writing down everything!  Holy Cow! I won’t share with you the disturbing list, but I can tell you, when you put it down in black and white, it makes quite a bit of impact.  And I’m just on Day 3!  Still, awareness is a beginning!  2009 is going to be a big eye opener for me!

Just to let you know my starting point, here are the changes that I have made so far:

Awareness – I am much more aware than I was three months ago.  My family is already tired of me saying  “recycle that” and “I wonder if this is recyclable”.

Bought a razor saver from Lehman’s – waiting to see how effective it really is.  My daughter informed me that she goes through a package of disposable razors every two weeks.  Ack!  If I get another 2 uses out of each razor, that 1) pays for the razor saver in 3 weeks and 2) keeps 10 razors out of the landfill longer. 

Only wash my hair every other day.  Saves on hair products and water.  Means I put fewer plastic bottles into the landfill.  Not quite ready to go No ‘Poo!

Use reusable cloth shopping bags.  This is one of the very best things I do because I don’t end up with a bunch of bags in my pantry that seldom get used again. 

Buying bulk when I can.  This does require special trips to my local co-op or Winco, but I can manage that at least once a month, which will eliminate a lot of plastic packaging. 

Use a stainless steel water bottle.  Bought myself a really nice looking one that makes it pleasurable to drink water! 

Got a worm factory for Christmas!  Just waiting for the worms to arrive.  Yeah!  That will eliminate alot of gross food waste.

I know there are probably more things, but this is a good start.


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